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Summer flew right by and already it’s a beautiful autumn in the South 

We’ve had great events all year long, and now we are headed into the holiday stretch.  But before we get there, let’s take some time to breathe and take in the joys of the fall season. 

RIGHT NOW I’m in Asheville NC at the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands, Oct 16-19. NEXT SHOW will be in Covington Louisiana Nov 15-16!  It’s my first time at the Three Rivers Art Festival and I can hardly wait.  Check the schedule page for links & info about this and other events.

And although it seems like a long time ago, I’m still feeling great about the last TACA Biennial when I was HONORED  and HUMBLED to have one ot my mixed-media word weavings included in


at the TENNESSEE STATE MUSEUM, Nashville   

And incredibly excited that the museum purchased the piece for their permanent collection!

Check out the schedule page for details about events near you!     Or for more info please contact me @ vvweave@aol.com and come see what’s new in the studio.

and always remember



If you like what I do and would like to purchase your own weaving, look around the site, check my schedule for an event near you, or contact me at vvweave@aol.com